Fur in my Blog – An Introduction

Welcome to my new blog, Fur in my Blog, a pet blog for those of us who are a multi species household. I have three pets currently, two cats and a dog, who I will introduce to you shortly.

First off is me, my name is Sabrina. I’ve had pets my entire life and have had a cat my entire adult life. I had dogs growing up, and a few years ago my husband and I finally bought a house of our own and were able to adopt a dog. We live in Omaha, Nebraska, USA, I work in the Insurance industry, he works in IT. This isn’t my first blog, I’ve had personal ones in the past. I’m not a medical or animal professional. Just an enthusiast. We’re not rich, but we try to do the best for our pets. I research things like crazy. I’ve had both cats and dogs that were healthy and ones that had chronic health conditions. My intent with this blog is to talk about life with pets, life with cats and dogs living together, have some product reviews, talk about projects, and in general remind you on the regular how cute my furballs are.

Speaking of, in order of adoption:

Ivy is our 11.5 year old black and white tuxedo domestic (American) short hair cat. We adopted her just over two years ago from Homeward Bound in the Heartland, a rescue here in Omaha. She’s the sweetest girl, she loves to cuddle and play, she gives headbutts, and purrs incredibly loudly. Ivy came to us with some health problems. Ivy has Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD) and Anxiety. She’s not completely well managed on them. Her anxiety has lessened with medication, but her IBD is currently flaring up. I don’t want to gross you out and lose a reader in the first blog post, so I’ll save some details for later when you can opt out of a post.

Ivy, Princess Fluff Fluff, chewer of boxes, destroyer of worlds

Leia is a nearly seven year old yellow lab mix. We adopted her about a year and a half ago from a Hearts United for Animals, an animal shelter and sanctuary in Auburn, Nebraska. Leia is a sweet dog that loves to play and get belly rubs and of course loves her treats. She’s very gentle with her toys, especially for a lab, she’s only destroyed one so far. Leia also has anxiety, but is not on medication for it. Hers mostly manifests with other dogs, sometimes other people, and loud noises. As with Ivy, I’ll go into more detail about Leia’s issues in a future post.

General Leia, woofer extraordinaire

Fergus is our youngest and most recent addition. He’s a six month old gray tabby kitten. We didn’t plan to add him to our crew, we found him in our neighbors yard. After an extensive search to find out where he belonged, we found out he’d likely been abandoned and needed a home. He was too cute not to keep. He’s also the healthiest of our bunch and we try hard to keep him that way so he doesn’t grow up with health issues like his sisters or our previous pets have had. He’s cute and very energetic. He drives Ivy crazy. Leia wants to play with him, but he’s only just recently been big enough that we’re not worried that Leia might hurt him by accident.

Fergus, wee cheetie

So that’s us. There’s a lot of fur around this house. At some point you just accept that’s how life is going to be. You have fur in your bed, your hair, your underwear, and now I have fur in my blog.